June to June Student Planner [2013 School Year]

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Free Student June-June planner download! Place for homework, month, week and year views all at SayNotSweetAnne.com

  • 365 days all numbered
  • Major holidays highlighted
  • Weekly view with Homework and to-do list
  • 2013 and 2014 year view
  • Pages for contacts & username storage
  • Multiple Colors 



There is a 2016-17 version!
Check out the latest in my line of Printable Planners! 

Now that graduation time is rounding the corner, I’ve started to think about student planners. Something that starts and ends in June- so to make it through the school year. Something with a spot for homework and to-do lists. Something with plenty of room to write appointments, class info, usernames and passwords. Out of that thought came this! My June to June Student Planner! Oh and YOU KNOW I’m sharing it with you!

Printable Student planner - June to June- Saynotsweetanne.com

This is my first ever planner with a weekly view and it has been tricky! But, as a graphic designer I can say I honestly love that sort of challenge. And I am SO HAPPY with how this planner turned out!!

Weekly and Monthly View Student Planner Printable

I wish I had something like this when I was in college or high school. I truly believe that students are more likely to use something that feels attractive or interesting- not the boring plain Jane ones you see in stores. Also, its important to have something meant for your purpose. I can’t STAND fill in the blank planners, or the kind that are so small you can’t fit anything!

Free Student Planner | Homework and weekly tracking | Great for graduation!

I know some kids are going digital, but the few that I surveyed still use paper planners. I know for me there is just something about writing it down. Studies have shown that writing helps memory retention too- so that’s a bonus!

Since I was thinking of this planner as a graduation gift, I’ve got two  black and white versions, because those are cheaper to print. I did one without a background because my hubby and I decided that’s the manliest way to go. =D I plan on adding more colors if people want them, so feel free to comment if you’d like a color you don’t see here!!

Whoops! Looks like the 2013 Planner is now obsolete. :C
Don’t Worry! There is a 2016-17 version!
Check out the latest in my line of Printable Planners! 

What You Need:

  • Printable File Here.
  • Printer
  • Cover and Backing (The shop I went to had clear portfolio covers and solid backs as part of the binding options. You could easily use transparency paper or chipboard or even steal the cover from an old planner!)
  • Avery 16281 Multi Colored printable tabs. They come with a bunch of colors, I just used the purple.
  • Copy Shop

How To Make It:

This planner goes together exactly like the Ultimate Blogging Planner so, some of you out there are old pros!

  1. Download the file you want.
  2. Print the file double sided on a nice paper. The cheapo copy stuff will work, but you might see through a bit. There’s nothing special about it- its just like printing a double sided presentation booklet!
  3. Take the whole kit and kaboodle to a copy shop. (I went to Staples.) If you like, punch it and put it in a binder and skip to step 6.
  4. Ask the clerk  for a Wire-O binding, or a Twin Loop binding. I won’t go into it now, but those are the best notebook bindings (lay flat, no offset…paper geek stuff.)
  5. If you can’t get Wire-O or Twin Loop, ask for spiral. Whatever you do, don’t get Comb Binding.
  6. Print your months onto some Avery tabs using Lobster as the font. The tabs even come with a handy spacing guide to make sure you place your tabs evenly. All in all this took me about 5 minutes.
  7. Done!! Get to tracking, planning and to-doing!

Whoops! Looks like the 2013 Planner is now obsolete. :C
Don’t Worry! There is a 2016-17 version!
Check out the latest in my line of Printable Planners! 

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82 thoughts on “June to June Student Planner [2013 School Year]

        1. Hey Grace,

          Like the post mentions in a couple spots (three I think) the 2013 planner is now obsolete. Check out the new version in my Etsy store!

  1. Would love this, but as I do not have a facebook account I guess I am out of luck. Looks good though.

  2. Kayla,
    I do not have a facebook account. Would you email me this planner in pink? My HS daughter says that a cute planner is the best part of school and yours is the best one I have found. Thank you.

  3. No FB, looked for hours online for the perfect layout you have it.
    Could you please send me pink and purple? My girls will love it.
    Mahalo & Aloha!!!

  4. I don’t have Facebook and would love one to use for high school this year. Can you please email me one in pink and blue? I would appreciate it!

  5. I love this planner. I have been looking for a planner for college that I could use to both plan my day (like an appointment book) and write assignments. I have tried creating my own planner and it just didn’t work as well as I think this one will. I just wish that the top sections had the hour so I could plan homework and social events. Thank you so much!

    1. Sarah,

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it! I know what you’re saying about the hours. Maybe I’ll consider that next year! The reason I didn’t include them is, the hours that you DON’T have stuff scheduled end up just taking up space. For example, if you have an appt at 2 at “1234 ThisExample Lane, front door, elevator to 3rd floor, ask for Joan” All that text might run over into the 3, and 4 slot. So, I’d rather keep it blank and just be sure to indicate the hour on the note I write in that day’s box.

      But, I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to improve, and I’ll definitely consider it again when making the planner for next year!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this! I’m an organization freak.. and in medical school, so this planner would be great. I can’t log into facebook from work (it’s blocked) – is there anyway that you could email this to me (in pink!)? I would be SO greatful! heatherrlax at yahoo.com

    1. On another note, when I click on the “download planner” button on my iPhone – it brings me to a broken link. :/

      1. Heather,

        I don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t check. The link leads to a FB app, however, and I’d bet that Safari doesn’t allow that sort of thing in the browser. Maybe try it from home?

  7. I am in love with this planner. I have struggled to find something that can cover myself being in school, both kids starting school, and starting working and my practicum on top of it all. We are starting a new chapter in our life and a planner is the only way I can think to try to keep it organized! Organized chaos, right?!? I am going to add this to a list of other free printables to make my own customized planner for both school and family. I am adding menu planning, dates to remember, contacts, movie and book lists etc..Now if I could only find a course info sheet to keep track of all my instructors info! Thanks for your hard work and wonderful gift of a free printable!

    1. Mallorie, you are so welcome! I really hope that this planner ends up being a great tool for you. Not just that, but a special something that makes you feel “on top of it” and organized. That’s what my planner does for me. I’m happy to share the feeling!!

    2. Oh and just checking before I print, this is in an 8 x 11.5 (or whatever a regular copy paper size is), right? Will it still format the same is it is scaled down to a smaller size? Hoping to put it in a 3 ring binder type binding but am not sure what size will be most convenient for me to carry.

  8. I am only getting security issues in all 3 browsers (Chrome, I.E. and Firefox) when trying to download from Facebook.

    “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate”

    1. Hey Mike! The fb app uses a shared security certificate. This is accepted by most fb profiles. However, depending on your fb security options, it may require a dedicated security certificate. Go ahead and like the page, then fb message me with the color you want and an email. I’ll send it off!

  9. I have liked your FB page but your link sends me to a blank page. If I go to your profile page and click on the Student Planner link the same thing happens–I just get a blank FB page. I can send you a screenshot if you want to see exactly what I mean.

  10. One last comment and I won’t bother you anymore. 🙂 I think the evalinSandbox error was related to a plugin, not your download. But Opera got the same SSL error as firefox. Opera had an option to ignore the error and go ahead to the site, which did finally get me to the download page.

  11. I am really thankfull for the awesome student planner! I am an Architecture student and managing studies, submissions is always a problem.. I was inspired by various planner posts through Pinterest and started my own diy planner but I needed something else.. I am SO going to use this!
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Your planners rock my socks off! Can I share your post on my blog? Very awesome and a great resource to share with the parents I work with at our non-profit.

    1. Um, let me think about that…. YES!! Of course! Just make sure to follow my policies, and I give you permission to use one of the photos. =D so glad you love it!

  13. I love this!!! It’s perfect for when college starts on Monday. I was wondering, is it possible to get it in purple or green? Thanks =)

  14. Thank you! been everywhere, looked everywhere for a planner for my son whose a Freshman in HS, is the best I could find anyhwere. Thank you and God Bless!

  15. Like Beth above, I had looked all over for a planner for my freshman son. After much discussion, he wanted a weekly planner, 8.5×11, the week over two pages so there was a lot of room. Week beginning on Monday with Saturday & Sunday sharing a section (six large blocks, with more room M-F).

    I ended up making one (blank and not perfect, but okay) and filling it out COMPLETELY! by hand. The school sent home a planner the very next day. It had a lot of the info that he needed; half-days, holidays, A/B days, etc., but was tiny. So they spent all that money for something he’ll never use.

    This one is SO close to what he wanted except the week begins Sunday. I’ll add the link to my calendar/planner file to look at for next year. Thank you, though, I still got some good ideas on improvements!

  16. Thank you so much for making this and offering it up to everyone for free!! I’m so excited about it. It’s laid out perfectly for my needs! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  17. This looks adorable!! This would be great for my daughter who’s stuggling to organize her school work. Tried the link on FB but it’s still says the page it not found. Would you mind emailing it to me?

  18. tks for sharing…. Ill print one for me, and onde for my son… I try master and his on elementary…. so we need study forever….

  19. Sorry if you already answered this, but why will comb binding not work? That is what I had planned on using since I have a machine at work so I can do it for free.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Comb binding can definitely work. But I don’t like it. Its kinda flimsy and you can’t fold the pages back on themselves. But that’s just my preference. =D

    1. I’m definitely planning on making a June 2014-June 2015 version. Be sure to follow on FB or twitter so you don’t miss it!

  20. I just found this and even though I’m starting out a little late, I love it! Instead of getting half of a year bound, I’m just printing about a month at a time and putting them in my binder for school. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m taking 18 credits and this is definitely helping me keep my head on straight! 🙂

  21. I really want to download this planner, I am about to be a freshman in college and I really think this will help me. But when I log on to Facebook and try and open either of your links, I am directed to “this page is not found.” Hope you can do something about this!!!

    A fantastic planner that I really hope I am able to use!

  22. I would really love this planner however the title says free printable and I do not see where I can download this and if I cant get it for free that is not correct advertising.

    1. Lexi,

      As noted at least 3 times in the post, the 2013 FREE printable planner is no longer available. That is because, well, the year is over so I doubt that it would be of any use anymore. The 2014 version of the planner is, in fact, not free. That is a difficult decision that I made after evaluating the nearly 70 hours that each series of planners takes to design (and thats not including the junior sizes).

      I’m sorry if you feel the title is misleading, but I’m sure that reading the post will help you understand.

  23. Could you please send me the planer… I really want it… I love to be organize and I think is the best way and your planned is just perfect… I will really love if you send it to me.. in purple please I will really appreciated… thank you…

    Do you have it from 2014 to 2015… please send it to me…. thank you…

    Please send to me in purple from 2014-2015 I really love it I love organization thank you

  24. Awesome design! I will keep your site posted for next year. Your sis much better than the one we bought for this year. Will you be making a 2015-2016 for your etsy store?

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