DIY Easy Pet Bed

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Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew

For a lot of us, pets are a part of the family. We love them, we take care of them, and they love us back. So why not give them a little gift? Pet beds in the bog box stores can be super expensive, and not really washable. So, I set out to make a washable easy pet bed for my cats that was cheap enough to make one for each (we have three).

The result is easy, inexpensive and kid friendly! What a great gift for a pet birthday, or a project for a rainy day. So far my kitties all approve (although they like the bed in a corner more than in the middle of the living room floor). And, I can periodically take the cover off and wash it!

What You Need:

  • Pool noodles. The cat bed only took one. For a larger dog’s bed 2 might be needed.
  • 2 pieces of Fleece large enough to go around your bed with 4-6 inches excess (The cat beds took less than a yard. A larger dog bed would take more)
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Batting (optional)

How To Make It:

  1. Bend your pool noodles into a circle. I only used one, but you could tape two together and then bend them. Tape the circle closed.
    DIY Easy Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew
  2. Lay out your bottom fleece and put the ring on top. Trace around the ring. Trim your fleece into a circle leaving 4-6 inches excess from the tracing you made.
    Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew
    Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew
  3. Cut strips up to the line you traced, about 2 inches each.
    Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew
  4. Repeat with the top fleece, making sure to cut the same number of strips.
  5. Make a sandwich for the bottom fleece, ring, and top fleece. If you want extra padding for your pet, you can add a few layers of batting in the center of the ring.
  6. Begin loosely tying the fleece strips together. Work your way around.
    Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew
  7. Done! If you ever need to wash it, just untie a few strips and pull out the ring and batting. Wash, and then put back together!
    Easy DIY Pet Bed | | #diy #pets #nosew

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4 thoughts on “DIY Easy Pet Bed

  1. This is adorable! I love how easy this is and that it is no sew! Plus, it’s awesome that you can toss it in the wash – brilliant! So glad this was my pin of the day 🙂

  2. I can’t believe that dog bed can be made in such a easy way. Thank you for explaining step by step with detail. Let’s try…

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