Finding My Center {Wanna Be Wednesday}


Its officially December. For me, December means a great deal of things. There’s the usual Christmas, and Holiday parties. There’s shopping for gifts, wrapping and decorating. December is also my birthday (precisely one week before Christmas) – so that’s thrown into the mix. December means seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, catching upRead more

Grateful and Groovy [Free Printable] {Wanna be Wednesday}


Since beginning my journey on Who I Want To Be, I’ve spent a lot of time in reflection. I review myself, give myself criticism, praise myself, forgive myself, destress myself, relax myself…. seeing a trend? But this week my focus has been outside of my own self. My darling husband has been such a help since I’ve knownRead more

Managing My Stress [Free Printable] {Wanna Be Wednesday}

Stress Bible Verse

Things get hectic. Yup- that happens. People start to get pushy, and you start to feel overwhelmed. That’s when I’m at my worst. I internalize a lot of “what ifs” and “how comes”, which leads me to be constantly anxious about what I’m going to do next. In the beginning of the Who I Want to BeRead more

All Natural Pore Shrinking Mask {Wanna Be Wednesday} [Recipe]

Natural Pore Shrinking Mask

A couple weeks ago, when I began my journey to Who I Want To Be, part of what I discussed includes my over-grooming tendancies. Basically, I have a compulsion when dealing with stress where I over critique and “groom” my skin. Usually by way of scratching/picking pimples and blackheads on my face. Sometimes until itRead more