St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Printable

Printable St. Patrick's day Bingo! Perfect for classrooms, car rides or just for family fun! | | #printable #game #DIY #stpatricksday

Let’s just start off with my mom is awesome. I’m not bragging or anything, its just a fact. When I was little (and an only child at the time) she planned a Valentine’s Day party for my class. As part of her plans, she hand made bingo cards for each one of us. Without aRead more

Jeweled Printable Valentines Necklace

Easy DIY Jeweled Necklace Valentines! Perfect for last minute, with space for any kind of candy! | | #valentine #cute #DIY #necklace #princess

I know this time of year we are all flooded with cutesy printables and paper valentines. There are punny ones, monster ones, easy ones and hard ones. I almost hate to add to the overload, but I made these printable valentines to be a little different. You see, these printable valentines are meant to becomeRead more

Racey & Romantic Valentine’s Dice

Romantic Printable Valentine Dice | | #diy #valentine #romantic #date

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while a lot of the focus tends to be on candy and kids, this project is just for the married couples. =D I’ve done my share of cutesy Valentine projects and Valentine Printables, (Sweet Candy Bottles, Love Bingo and Valentine Fortune Cookies) but this year we’re attending a weddingRead more