Watercolor Stenciled Box

Easy DIY Watercolor Stenciled Box. Great way to dress up a boring craft store box, or add a wash of color to any wooden project! | Saynotsweetanne.com

Sometimes, when you’ve been crafting for a while, you take the techniques you learned along the way for granted. There are ideas, recipes, ways of doing things (like this watercolor stenciled box) that come so naturally you assume others know them too. This home-made watercolor wash using a clear mod podge to resist the paintRead more

Upscale Apothecary Jars

Make Your Own Upscale Apothecary Jars | SayNotSweetAnne.com

One of the trends that has been floating around the crafty/home decor world lately are home-made apothecary jars. And why not? The real thing is really expensive, and most of us can’t justify that cost for a little decor when we can do it ourselves for almost-free. But, some of the variations I have seenRead more

Ikea Expedite $10 shelf doors

Add Canvas "doors" to Square shelving by Saynotsweetanne.com

The house I currently live in (I’m home shopping. More on that later I’m sure.) has a massive combined living room dining room. The house was built in 1897 and is blessed with 5 massive windows and 10ft ceilings in the space. Its gorgeous. I love the light it gets in there, and the openRead more