2018 June to June Student Planners

Everyone who knows me knows about my printable planners. As a Mom, an Entrepreneur, Project manager and craft blogger, I have a lot of things to juggle. (If you want to talk more about craft fails, real-life-crafting and get real with me, LIVE in a craft along, sign up here).

It was my incredible need to organize my creative mind that first drove me to creating printable planners 7 years ago. And it is the joy of my community that has kept me creating them all these years.

This year, I'm introducing a brand new color: Confetti! This light on ink, big on color and pizzaz option is available in all of my 2018 planners.

But let's talk school - shall we? Once again, I'm releasing a June to June Student printable planner!

All of my planners include:

  • 2018 and 2019 yearly views side by side.
  • Prefilled dates in all views.
  • Beautiful and spacious 2 page views for all months.
  • Special pages for notes at the end of each month, allowing for easy addition of custom Add Ons.
  • Space to store contacts, important passwords, and important information for the upcoming 2019 year.
  • check-square
    Several lovely color variations to choose from!

The June to June Student Homework Planner also has:

  • Two Page per week views from June ’18 – June ’19, with ample space to track homework.
  • Added space to track homework assignments.
  • Available Class Schedule Add on - print one for each semester!

Want one? No problem! They are printable, easy to complete and the Geo Gray color is TOTALLY FREE!