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What in the world is “Say not Sweet Anne?”

Well, this is a long and rather deep story. You see, those are the first 4 words of a Lord Byron Poem called “To Anne”.

You might just want to leave it at that. The journey from poem to name of my craft blog tells a lot more about me than you might want to know. But, I’m more than happy to share it with you, so read more here if you dare!

What is Saynotsweetanne.com about?

I guess I should say its about me. This is my selfish little endeavor to scratch my creative itches and share them! I love to craft, DIY, bake, cook and a number of other things, so expect to see a whole lot of that. But also, I like to encourage people to do things they love, and I like to share what I love. Hopefully you’ll see some of that too. Officially, this is a craft blog, with a little bit of recipes, printables and other things thrown in.

Who are you?

Oh goodness. That’s a tough one. I’m a miniaturist, graphic designer, a wife and mother and daughter, a crafter- and a ton more than that! I have a degree in graphic design and I work full time as a project manager for software development. I struggle a bit being on the computer a lot, so my crafting is really an outlet.  Hubby and I have a 1973 VW Beetle and we have a sandrail that we take off-roading and drive around town. We really enjoy being outside, hiking, and exploring our town by visiting locally owned restaurants and venues. We currently have 2 cats, and are looking to buy a new house!  I’m 10 years older than my brother and 13 older than my sister. I listen to Indie records WAAAY to loud and I used to compete vocally. =D


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  1. Kayla,

    I was wondering if you would help me with a blog button. I just started a link party-lemosforlulu.com. I made my own party button using picmomkey but it’s really pretty awful. I know this may not be worth your time, but would you consider doing one for me? Do you have a price for that sort of thing? Thanks,,Tanya

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