Ice Cream Bar Reveal + Giveaway

Bright Basement Ice Cream "Shop" - great kid friendly alternative to a bar! | | #diy #icecream #bar #basement #retro

We have been in this house for over 6 months now! It is so hard to believe! In all that time We’ve started a LOT of projects. And only finished a hand full. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving up!) The first room that we ever finished was our Rustic Cozy Guest Room. And this, thisRead more

Forever Beautiful DIY Fake Cupcakes

Easy DIY Faux Cupcakes! They look like the real thing, but will last forever! Great for ornaments, decorations, or photo props! | | #diy #prop #decor #cute

So, I’ve been working on this basement ice cream shop for a while now. And while I’ve used candy as a decoration in the past, I’d like some sort of baked good under glass for a table center. The trouble is, cupcakes don’t last. Or do they? I’m not entirely sure where I first hearRead more

Easy DIY Fireplace

DIY Easy & Removable Fireplace - Create a beautiful and believable fireplace on the cheap. Moving? Take it with you! | | #diy #renovation #fireplace #apartment

When we were looking to buy a home, we has a list of wants and a list of needs. Fireplace was right on the edge of the two lists. I mean, I can’t say I really need a fire place, as I have little intention of heating my house with it. What I did need wasRead more