Magnetic Chore Charts

Magnetic Chore Chart by Thrifty Crafty Girl via

I love a project that gets stuff done.

Trying to keep the kids on track with their chores is serious work.  I mean, I can’t keep track of everything we’re supposed to do in a day, how can I expect the kids to remember all their chores?  And I can’t tell you how many times they couldn’t remember if they had completed the chore or not…  which means they sometimes do the same one twice for no good reason.  I had to do something!


And bought some wooden discs at the craft store along with some magnets…


And then I got to work.  I found some clip art for the kids chores and printed them out on adhesive paper:


Next, I cut them out, stuck them onto the wooden discs and glued a magnet to the back… so far, so good.

002 (2)

I painted the cookie sheets…

003 (2)

And then added a little vinyl!  Their names are up at the top of the cookie sheet and the line near the bottom lets them know what they’ve done: if it’s above the line, they’ve finished that chore!


As you can see, baby Lily doesn’t have any chores yet.  Mostly she just eats all day and that’s not a chore.  But I have extra magnets for when she gets old enough to help out!


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