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9 teen approved organization projects! Perfect for summer boredom, or just sprucing things up! |

I’m shocked and excited to admit that my itty-bitty-baby sister started High School last week. Can you imagine!? This teeny little thing that was always SO YOUNG compared to me is now a freshman. Ya’ll don’t even know how old that makes me feel.

But, Kristy is an awesome young teen and she has been diligently helping here at SNSA for a few months. This week, she has put together her very own list of teen friendly organization crafts that I just can’t wait for you guys to see! Keep your teens organized and entertained with these easy DIYs! And here they are! DIY Organizing ideas for teenage rooms!Signature

Hey everyone, it’s Kristy again. In case you haven’t seen the other post I did, I’m Kayla’s little sister. Today I’ve gathered up some awesome DIY organization projects, and let me tell you, these are going to be so helpful for my first year of high school! I actually start tomorrow, so this is coming in just in time! Now, a lot of these projects look super girly and pink right off the bat, but that just depends on what you use when creating these projects. I know that I’ll be replacing most of the pink in here with light blue :). Either way, I’m sure they will be super helpful for teens and parents alike, saving you guys a lot of frustration, and they do seem pretty easy to make.


Okay, now I know some of these look out of place. Well, one of them, really. That last one. You’re probably think “who the heck wants wine in their teens bedroom?!?”. Relax. All you have to do is pop in a empty Pringles can or something similar and bam, you now have easy access to whatever is going to end up in that can.

I hope you all enjoy my little compilation post, I know that I love all these organizing ideas and projects! I think the Lazy Susan is my favorite ūüôā I have no clue which one to start first but hey, all of them will be a welcome distraction from the homework I’ll have to face soon.

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