2019 Printable Planners

Way back in 2011, my printable planner was one of the first things I shared on the site. At the time it was a blogger's planner, and it took off like a rocket on Pinterest. That initial success really helped me to believe in myself as a blogger, and to keep sharing my DIY and crafting spirit.

I'm excited to release the 8th year of planners today. My 2019 Dec-Dec planners include all of the gorgeous colors from previous years. The Confetti color that debuted this June in the June to June Student planners is a great ink saver, but still colorful and lovely.

Of course all of the different planner types are back too. I've got versions for meal planning, for fitness tracking, for lesson planning and more. Plus I've got oodles of planner add-ons that can customize your planner further with things like class schedules, shopping lists, blog tracking and more.

As always, the gray version in 100% free. These planners take hours to complete each year, but I am motivated by sharing. So while some of the more popular colors are for sale (Only $10 in the shop, delivered instantly) the grey is totally free.

All of my planners include:

  • 2018 and 2019 yearly views side by side.
  • Easy to read dates in all views and planner variations.
  • Month views spread across 2 pages for spacious planning.
  • Special pages for notes at the end of each month, allowing for easy addition of custom Add Ons.
  • Important information  and house keeping items like contacts, important passwords and more.​
  • A bunch of 100% hand made and unique colors, designed by me!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and jump in to 2019 with a lovely planner all your own!

Grab Your Free Planner!

The button below will take you straight to the Geo-Grey Free Planner. If you want a different color, or to browse the Add-Ons, visit the shop!

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