How To Make a Grid Mood Journal

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Pretty much all of my life lives in my gorgeous printable planner. Of course with a pretty discbound cover of the DIY variety and a bunch of pens tucked away inside. This, is my happy place. It is my zen moment in the middle of a hectic day, my splash of bright colors during a boring meeting, and where I keep all my ideas, brainstorms and to-do lists.

So, when I recently accepted a mood journal bullet journal challenge, I wanted to incorporate that into my constant companion. I don’t do a lot of bullet journal pages, but I wanted to get that creating bullet journal mood tracker look and feel in my planner. So, I opted out of using boring plain paper or even the traditional lines or dot grid. That’s right. We went off the grid. We went hexagonal baby.

Printable Grid Paper

Never heard of a mood journal? It is this super simple self care idea, about taking a moment several times a day to register your mood. The point is that paying attention to it will help you to notice trends like stress at work, or happiness after working out. I’ll admit, I was dubious when I accepted the challenge, but hey – I get to write with pretty pens so what’s not to like!?

I was already planning on getting new pens for the journal when I was asked to try out the line of FriXion® Pens by Pilot Pen. I went literally the same day to Target – in the middle of back to school craziness! – and bought them.

I’ve never seen erasable felt markers before, so out of all the lovely FriXion® Pens there are, that was the pack I decided to use on my journal. (They have other options like clickable pens, and stick pens too!)

Printable Grid Paper

I was super excited about using the erasable FriXion® pens because, well, I hate ugly journal pages. In fact, that is at least 90% of why I don’t do a lot of bullet journaling. I’ll get it all set up and gorgeous, then misspell something on the page while filling it in and – to me – the page is ruined. But with these felt markers I can just erase my mistakes! Seriously, these erase way better than most pencils I’ve used and the erasers seem to be less harsh on the paper. I even use them in doing my word searches and brain puzzles, because I can erase as many times as I need to!

I highly recommend this hexagonal brainstorming/journalling. So let’s make one!

What You Need:

How to Track Your Mood:

  1. Print out your grid paper. You can do this with regular grid paper, or with the pretty hexagon paper provided here.
  2. Decide what moods you want to track. Obviously throughout the day we all experience a plethora of emotions. I wanted to break mine down into some basic categories. I chose Happy, Relaxed, Anxious and Meh.
  3. Using your FriXion® Pens, create a key for yourself choosing a color to represent each mood.
  4. Using an outline color of your choice, outline a group of 7 or 9 units. I chose 7 because that makes a pretty hexagon flower. Essentially you are thinking about your day in this many units. I like 7 because that works out to about 2 hours of waking day time per unit.Bonus – if you mess up, you can erase the outline! The smooth gel ink in the FriXion® Pens erases cleanly. Check it out below. I am 100% serious, I was absolutely shocked at how well it erased.

  5. As the day goes on, color in the predominant feeling every 2 hours. This can be done in a spiral, in a line, a solid fill – however you like.

For me, the jury is still out on the mood journal idea. I’ll let you know how I do when the 1 week challenge is over. (Follow me on Facebook for updates!) But I’m totally in love with the grid. I’ve even started using it for to-do lists because the grid makes things feel so much more creative and less mundane. I’m also really, really surprised and impressed with the FriXion® Pens. I’d used other brands of erasable pens before and, frankly, nothing erased half as well as these do. I’m amazed!

What are you waiting for? Get “In the mood” to do some creative journalling and get your own FriXion® Pens!

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  1. I love this mood grid! <3 I'm always looking for cool pages for my bj. 🙂 I wanted to save this tutorial to my Pinterest, but it says there are no pinnable pix, even tho you have a Pinterest icon at the top? Is it savable to Pinterest?

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