How to Solve Stress with Princess Bathtub Melts

Princess Bath Melts |

For most adults, the end of the day is a moment of respite. A time when the kids are in bed, work is a distant thing to think of tomorrow, and our time is truly our own. For me, trying to juggle working from home and parenting full time due to COVID-19 Stay Home Orders, and civil unrest, I often reflect on these quiet moments and how to get the most “me” out of them. Because the reality is, my daytime landscape is so hectic these days, I need that focus to keep my own mental health up.

Princess Bath Melts |

I began thinking about How to Solve Stress at the end of the day, in order to get into the quiet groove a bit easier. That led to the idea of a bath – often a recommendation for the weary mom. Baths are nice, and I’ve made lots of cool things to go with them like Easy DIY Body Wash, and Blow Your Mind Healthy DIY Facial Moisturizer. But I wanted something that made the bath more restful. I wanted something that made it feel like a line in the sand between what happened today, and the quiet of this evening. So, I landed on these Princess bath melts. 

Princess Bath Melts |

You’re wondering how to solve stress with princess bath melts aren’t you? That’s alright, I realize it is a bit of a stretch. Well first of all, making the melts is easy, and with ingredients I already had on hand. That’s a big deal because I don’t want to stress about going out “in the wild” during Stay Home Orders to get items for making my stress relief treat! Secondly, I’m using natural and good-for-the-skin ingredients like baking soda, skin safe colors and scents. Third, I’m focusing on a stress relieving scent which for me is lavender. I don’t usually like lavender but it works in these bath melts to give a soothing and bed time vibe without being so strong it leaves me smelling like a dime store perfume peddler. These whip up quickly and are stored in the freezer, ready for some hot bath water to melt them away and (hopefully) melt your stress with them!

Princess Bath Melts |

What You Need:

  • Ice Cube Tray
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • About 1 cup water
  • Bath/skin safe colors (If you must use food coloring, use very little so you don’t stain your tub!)
  • Lavender or other scented skin-safe fragrance. (You can get this in the soap making sections of hobby and craft stores)

Princess Bath Melts |

How To Make It:

    1. Start by adding several drops of your favorite coloring into the baking soda. Add a conservative amount of the fragrance here too. I start with 3 drops of fragrance for a tray of melts. Some scents aren’t very strong so I add 4-5 drops. 
      Princess Bath Melts |
    2. Mix the baking soda thoroughly. You’ll have little pockets of color where the wet colorants just aren’t able to mix smoothly into the dry soda. That’s great! This is part of the multicolored effect we get later.Princess Bath Melts |


  1. Divide the baking soda mixture into your ice cube tray and pack down.
    Princess Bath Melts |
  2. Gently pour the water on top of the baking soda in each ice cube cell. Some of the colors will bleed, coloring the water. That is OK!
    Princess Bath Melts |
  3. Freeze for 2-3 hours or until solid. Pop the bath melts out and store in an air tight bag or jar in the freezer.
    Princess Bath Melts | Princess Bath Melts |
  4. For bath time, drop a few into a running bath and then sit back and relax!
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One thought on “How to Solve Stress with Princess Bathtub Melts

  1. Kayla lavender is also my favorite scents too, I am going to try your idea, I hope it will also release my stress too, thanks for sharing the stress release bath with us.

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