Sweet Sharing Monday Wrap Up

This week was crazy for me, with doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, one emergency root canal, and 4 websites all going live at work. (Did I mention I’m the ONLY web/graphic designer there? That’s what non-profit means. Understaffed =D ) But I survived it all. I didn’t, however, get a chance to invite nearly as many people to the party as I have been. To my surprise, though, we collected the same number of links this week as last. You guys are so awesome for coming back- and your projects never cease to wow me!

Now onto the praise!


Sweet Sharing Monday Most Clicked:


Wallet made of dollar bills

Dollar Bill Wallet – by Noreen at Craft Journal


This is such a great gift wrap idea. I for one don’t usually give cash because its just not my way. However- I hear the tooth fairy prices have gone up since my day. How awesome would this be under a pillow with a cute little sticker inside from the tooth fairy? It looks SUPER simple to do and I’ll certainly have to try it out!



And my Personal Favorite:

Pencil Pretzess – by Maysem on Ode to Inspiration

I love love love this. When I saw the thumbnail I thought they were pencils at first! But what is so darn adorable isn’t that they are the spitting image of a no. 2 pencil. Its the possibilities! Imagine crayons, colored pencils, crayola markers, syringes for Halloween! Its so darn cute I just can’t stand it! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I happen to LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. =D

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