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I am very tech savvy. I work on computers, I’m a web designer, my husband is in IT. Often in life I find myself looking for techie shortcuts to improve my situation. Always forgetting the shopping list? Get a list app. Tired of moving files from one computer to another? Get Google Drive.

So its no surprise that when I decided to start actively working toward a better me, I turned to technology. I’ve always got my Android phone within reach, so phone apps seemed like a no-brainer.

The Daily Plate

For years I’ve used’s The Daily Plate to track my eating habits. Usually in stints of a few weeks here or there. The trouble is that if I don’t do it right away, I forget to. I love the Daily Plate because it allows me to track my fitness and to add in my own recipes (and then it calculates the nutrition!) Well, I found out that they have an app. I have an Android and this app is just perfect for me! I’ve always got my phone with me, so I can track my foods as I eat them.

Who I want to be- Apps are my friend. | | #fitness #health


Everything I need to know is right here. How I’m doing in relation to my goal calories, easy buttons to track my meals.

Who I want to be- Apps are my friend. | | #fitness #health

I also like to track my weight every morning. Seeing how it fluctuates helps me to understand how things are affecting me.

One of my favorite things about the Livestrong app is that it syncs with their website. So, I can track with my phone but look at trends etc online where its easier.


As I mentioned in my I hate Running post, I started a couch to 5k program. I scoured reviews to find one that I thought I would like. I settled on RubDouble and it is awesome. Firstly, it interfaces with Google Music, so I can make my playlist however I want to and the app will use it. Also, it keeps track of things like elevation as well as GPS coordinates. It is nice to know the distance run, instead of just the time. I also like to see how things like running uphill affect my pace.

The app tells me when to run and when to walk. It notifies me of my pace and tells me when I’m halfway done. Its already programmed to all the Couch to 5k training levels, so all I have to do is run!

Who I want to be- Apps are my friend. | | #fitness #health

Each day I select the workout I want to do. So far, I’m just following the weekly runs. Once I get better I might mix and match.

Who I want to be- Apps are my friend. | | #fitness #health

At the end of the run the app shows me how I did. The run above wasn’t so good. I struggled a lot. You can see in the spikey graph how erratic my pacing was.

Who I want to be- Apps are my friend. | | #fitness #health

Online, the app syncs to a website where I can view more details, like the geography of my run. This is nice because I never run the same way twice. The blue areas are where I walked.


In addition to these apps that are directly related to physical improvements, there are some that I love for emotional reasons. My BFF Amya nd I use Kakao talk to text even though she is in Korea. I also have a couple Bible apps, and some uplifting quotes. You never know when something is going to speak to you.

What about you? Do you use technology in your efforts? Got any good apps to share?



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10 thoughts on “Apps are my friend

  1. This is great! If i don’t track what I eat right away, I forget too & then it’s this “big thing” I have to do… & then it doesn’t happen. I’m a super planner, so what helps me is planning ahead of time what my meals & snacks will be & then putting them into the app. That way when other things pop up (say, a random neighbor stops by with cookies), I know I can either accept one & shave something else off for the rest of the day or say “no” because I’d rather eat a full meal later, etc.
    Gillian @ The Haas Machine recently posted..Wednesday’s “What We Ate September 16-22, 2013″My Profile

    1. What a great idea! I usually don’t plan my meals (except for dinner) ahead, because if I’m “craving” something, I want to have it. Or something similar. For example, I don’t plan to have Peanut butter for lunch in case by lunch time I’m really craving soup. But, that’s a habit because I go home for lunch everyday and the sky is the limit!

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