Breastfeeding Plan with Munchkin Latch

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Tested Tuesday on - See product tests, reviews and recommendations!This Tested Tuesday I have had the opportunity to check out the new Munchkin LATCH line of products. This is a paid sponsored post, but I promise all the feedback is my own!

From the moment we decided to try for a baby, hubby and I had a lot of decisions to make. Would we use cloth diapers or disposables? Would we rock him every night, or try self-soothing? Would we limit his “screen time” as he gets older? Where will we go for daycare? Breastfeeding or formula feeding?

As new parents some answers were difficult to arrive at. Some were accompanied by nights of debating, research and gut feelings. Others were answered with a resigned “we’ll see”. Some were easy. We knew from the get go that we would plan to breastfeed.

I say “plan” because every situation is different. Not every mom and not every baby is able to successfully feed this way, and that is ok. But we are going to try. We love the idea of sweet cuddle time, skin to skin bonding, healthy balanced nutrition, and all of the other benefits of breastfeeding. The one draw back that gave us pause was the inevitable “but will he take a bottle?

Eventually, I will have to return to work. And frankly, hubby deserves sweet cuddles and skin to skin bonding too. So, once we made the plan to breastfeed, we had to make a plan about how to bottle-breastfeed. I’ll admit the prospect can be daunting, especially with stern warnings about “nipple confusion” jumping out at me from internet posts and breast-feeding-moms-groups everywhere. That is why, after some research, and being able to try them out, our plan involves the new LATCH line from Munchkin.

Why am I so excited about these bottles? Well, to start, the Munchkin LATCH bottle was specifically designed to help moms who breastfeed. When babies feed from the breast, they pull a surprising amount of the breast into their mouths, getting the nipple near the back of their soft palate. (Seriously a SURPRISING amount.) The LATCH accordion style nipple is able to move and flex more than the typical bottle nipple, which can help baby latch. This could help ease baby’s transition from breast to bottle and back, so it is something we are very excited to include in our plan. Oh! And they have a similar pacifier that I am hoping will help me get some much needed rest when baby James arrives.

Breastfeeding with Munchkin LATCH |

Then, once I got my hands on the Munchkin LATCH bottle, I found out it boasts some other neat features. First of all, the nipple does move, a LOT. It flexes and bends and is definitely more breast-like than any other bottle I’ve seen. The bottle design should help prevent excess gas, which is something that has gotten really popular lately. (Have you seen all the “anti colic” stuff out there?) I can see why. If it will mean my baby is less fussy, I am ALL FOR IT. Plus they are BPA free, and available in a few different flows.

LATCH is available at Target and Babies’R’Us, but there are a bunch more options on. Plus buying on means you can save up to 15% off your LATCH bottle purchase!

This post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign.


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2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Plan with Munchkin Latch

  1. Thanks for this article.

    One thing is sure, breastfeeding is hard. And just like parenting, it has a lot of components to piece together. Sure, some may argue that bottle feeding can replace it, but is that really the case? Because that can come with its own headache too, what bottle to choose, cleaning them, keeping them germ-free, and so on. For all mothers out there holding on to breastfeeding, kudos to you. You’re doing just the right thing!

    1. You are so right Charlice. It is hard! But the bottom line is that a FED baby is the BEST baby. Be that breastfeeding or bottle feeding. We as mothers need to make sure that we support each other in the decisions that are right for us, our babies and our bodies. For some women that means bottle feeding, for some thats formula and others its exclusively breast. I’m glad products are catching up to help facilitate whatever life throws at us!

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