25+ Cozy Winter Drinks

25+ Delicious and Cozy Winter drinks that you can make from home! Save money, and avoid going out in the cold with these DIY Lattes, Cocoas and Spirits! | Saynotsweetanne.com

Whelp, it is officially TOO DANG COLD here in Michigan. That means negative wind chills, and drafts that penetrate 3 layers of sweater and a wool coat. There is ice on things that should never have ice on them. Also, it is dark. The days are twilight and overcast almost all the time. So, now is the time to settle in with some cozy soups, a good book and a hot, warming drink. How else can we survive this cold?

But don’t even think about hiking on those boots and driving to a Starbucks. No, no, no – that weather isn’t fit for anyone. Raid your pantry, and this list of Cozy Winter Drinks and stay inside. Preferably, next to a roaring fireplace and under several soft blankets. Some of these drink recipes are hot, some have a bit of alcohol, and some are cold but in the style of seasonal flavors like egg nog or cinnamon.

One of the special things for me about a special winter drink, is a special mug. I have one or two snow themed porcelain mugs that I use just this time of the year. There is nothing more cozy than an adorable mug with a hot drink in it.

25+ Cozy Winter Drinks

  1. Eggnog Protein Smoothie by DivasRunForBling
  2. Coconut Caramel Hot Chocolate by KitchenMeetsGirl
  3. Hazelnut Mocha by SayNotSweetAnne
    Easy, Decadent, Hazelnut Mocha Cafe for two. Perfect for a morning pick me up! | saynotsweetanne.com
  4. Holiday Punch by SweetPhi
  5. Cherry Sleigh Ride by HoosierHomemade
  6. Gingerbread Eggnog Shake by ModernMami
  7. Holiday Mule by HomeSweetJones
  8. Raspberry Coffee Float by CookTheStory
  9. Wassail Recipe by JolynneShane
  10. DIY Chai Latte Mix by Saynotsweetanne
    Amazing DIY Chai Latte Mix. Simply combine and serve! Great for gifting, or just to keep around. | saynotsweetanne.com

  11. Cranberry Fizz by TheKitchn
  12. Apple Pie Punch by TheCookieRookie
  13. Non-Alcoholic Pomegrantate Mint Spritzer by TurnTableKitchen
  14. Non-Alcoholic Cranberry SPritzer by FrugalMomEh
  15. Cranberry and Lime Spritzer by DoTerra
  16. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix by KitchenMeetsGirl

  17. Caramel Apple Hot Toddy by TheCookieRookie
  18. Cranberry and Orange Mulled Wine by KitchenHighlights
  19. Kahlua Hot Chocolate by DamnDelicious
  20. Warm Spiced Sangria by SouthernLiving
  21. Warm Winter Margarita by TheOtherSideOfTheTortilla
  22. Hot Cider Buttered Rum Cocktail by SerenaBakesSimplyFromScratch
  23. Warm Cranberry Citrus Drink by SixSistersStuff
  24. Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Milk by LoveLoveThing
  25. 3 Ingredient Hot Cocoa by SayNotSweetAnne
    Easy, 3 Ingredient Hazelnut Hot Cocoa. Nutella flavored goodness in 2 minutes or less! | saynotsweetanne.com |
  26. Pumpkin Pie In A Glass by KitchenMeetsGirl
  27. Peppermint Hot Chocolate by JennasBlahBlahBlog
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