How to Make a Beautiful and Meaningful Printable Advent Calendar

I don’t know what it is about me and calendars. From my printable planners, to countdowns, to my paper advent calendar, I just find myself drawn to these types of things. This printable advent calendar is a labor of love that started last November. I didn’t get it completed in time to use last year, but that turned out to be a blessing. Since then, my darling sister and my dear cousin have joined me in finding touching scripture, quotes, devotionals, and faith based actions that really make this calendar special.

For those who aren’t familiar, an advent calendar is usually a calendar that helps to count down the days of the Advent season; the spiritual period leading up to Christmas. The calendar is normally based on the liturgical calendar, which starts on a Sunday either in late November or early December. In order to make this calendar reusable, however, I chose to have it begin December 1st and end on the 25th.

Every single day of this calendar has a scripture to think on from either the old or new testaments. Some are typical Christmas passages, while others are from different parts of the Bible story. Some have quotes from famous authors or clergymen, and others have a devotional message to ponder. There is a special prayer on each card, and a call to action to make your advent season feel like something you participate in rather than just watch.

From singing songs, to lighting candles, to volunteering – this printable advent calendar has everything I wanted to help me stay Christ focused during the holiday season. 

The best part for me though, as always, is being able to share this with you. I’ve made the calendar a printable PDF so that anyone who chooses to can walk this journey with me this advent season.

What You Need:

  • Card Stock
  • Printer
  • Glitter (optional)
  • String (optional)
  • Mini clothes pins (optional)
Calendar Messages
Calendar Dates

How To Make It:

  1. Get the printable PDF, and print the date sides onto your card stock. Then, print the message sides by running the pages back through your printer. (You’ll want to do this on a test sheet to make sure you’ve got the orientation right for your printer.)
  2. Cut along the dotted lines. You can stop there if you want and simply pull a card from the stack each day. Or you can decorate the cards with glitter, markers, stickers, whatever you want!
  3. Display the cards someplace you will see and read them each day. I have this lovely gold grid I plan to use, but it looks equally great on a lighted string, or even just a piece of ribbon or a cork board.
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Kayla Domeyer

My name is Kayla and I am a Graphic Designer. That means that I love pretty things, and also that I like to make free printables! I'm so happy that you've stopped by to visit my blog, and I hope you will follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or Instagram!! (Yeah, and I'm totally addicted to the internet).

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Beautiful and Meaningful Printable Advent Calendar

  1. That printable advent calendar makes my day! I got a lot of inspiration after reading this article. I will try it soon for me. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us.

  2. Hi Kayla,
    I also have that “special thing” with papers, planners and calendars. I am so happy that you’re sharing this free printable advent calendar.
    Thanks for sharing ūüôā

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