DIY Dollar Store Layered Scent Candles

DIY Dollar Store Candles | Easy, fun, and under $5 each! |

Candle making for me is right next to soap making. There is artisan level soap and candle making that involves a lot of equipment, investing in scents, colors, space etc. And then there is quick-and-dirty soap and candle making which is far more accessible to people like me. This is a quick and dirty candle.Read more

Frugal Wrapping Tips + Printable Paper & Tags

DIY Printable gift wrap and tags

Anyone who knows me knows that I am particular about my gift wrapping. I like things to match, and I like them to have a distinct flair. I’m the one with the color coordinating bows, paper, ribbon and gift tags on Christmas morning. In fact, I have 5 different sets of Christmas ornaments, because IRead more

DIY Organization for Teens

Round Up compilation

I’m shocked and excited to admit that my itty-bitty-baby sister started High School last week. Can you imagine!? This teeny little thing that was always SO YOUNG compared to me is now a freshman. Ya’ll don’t even know how old that makes me feel. But, Kristy is an awesome young teen and she has been diligentlyRead more

DIY Dishwasher Tabs

Easy DIY Dishwasher Tabs or Pellets. Easy to make, smell great and cheap! | | #diy #household #clean #frugal

Sometimes a craft is born from necessity. In the case of this craft, my sister and I had finished making The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and successfully dirtied every utensil and bowl in the house, when we realized we were all out of dishwasher tablets. Having seen variations on dishwasher tabs, I turned directlyRead more

DIY Butterfly Paper Mobile

Beautiful and Easy paper butterfly Mobile. | | #diy #baby #paper

My cousin is having a baby! That means I’m headed to a baby shower. Now, years ago I shot myself in the foot when I started making hand-made gifts. I made these sweet baby clothes Parfaits for one cousin, This awesome personalized pyrex for a wedding, This neato rustic sign for another wedding, Nail polishRead more

DIY Swag Lamp Designer Shade

DIY Elegant Lamp Shade

Sometimes my desire for a beautiful home wars with my desire to be frugal. I love design. I love all the HGTV and Style channel shows with beautiful furniture and perfect decor. But I don’t love the idea of spending close to $400 on a swag lamp. It all started when hubby and I sawRead more

Inuksuk – A Unique Landscaping Feature!

Inuksuk - Build your own! | By Momcrieff via | #Inuksuk| By Momcrieff via | #Inuksuk

Hi Everyone! This is Susan Moncrieff from my blog called Momcrieff. I blog about DIY’s, super simple recipes, gardening and whatever else I’m up to. I’m thrilled to share a fun project with Say Not Sweet Anne readers!! The Inuksuk is my latest landscaping obsession! They are unique, vary in size and are an individualRead more

DIY Shape Tape Projects

Two Easy DIY masking tape projects | | #diy #ShapeTape

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. [question]Tested Tuesday is about trying new things. Every now and then I’m able to try something new – either as a gift from a brand or because I simply want to try it. Either way one thing is forRead more

Easter bunny Burlap Sign

This burlap bunny sign is so cute and such an easy Easter project!

I am very, very pleased to introduce Jennifer, our newest contributor!! Please leave a comment to welcome her to Say Not Sweet Anne!! [line] Hi, everyone! I’m Jenn, and I’m so excited to be a contributor here at Say Not Sweet Anne! I blog over at Endlessly Inspired, so head on over there if youRead more