Baby Food DIY Spice Jars

I’m a firm believer that details are what make a project feel “finished.” So, as we continue to get more and more of our Kitchen renovated, I’m beginning to hone in on the smaller items, like storage and organization. One bit that has been on the list of things to do since we moved in was spice organization. Hubby and I cook a lot. We enjoy it, and have a wide range of herbs and spices that I would consider “frequently used”. To that end we’ve always had a messy basket of pouches, jars and shakers of all sizes and shapes that made up our spice collection.

Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable

Not any more! I’ve been collecting baby food jars since we moved in (thanks Alicia!) and  I’ve finally put them to good use. It all came down to excellent drawer planning and these pretty labels. I ordered a few sheets from (OL2088 – 1.5″ Circle Labels) and  I created these. Spices aren’t as effective if I can’t find them, and this label system makes that part a breeze!

Of course, not everyone will have the same spices as me, so I’m sharing a blank version with you today. Its got all the text boxes in place- all you have to do is edit them and apply your favorite fonts. Click on the picture to download the .DOC file to your computer! (You might have to right click and choose “Save File As…”)

Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printableBaby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printableBaby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable




I’ve done a couple of versions too, just in case your kitchen has a different style or flare. Keep in mine you could use these templates for anything. Maybe you need some magnets, or labels on some pretty tupperware or baskets. Who knows, the sky is the limit!

How I Made Them:

  1. My darling cousin collected several baby food jars for me. I weeded out any non-matching ones so that they were all the same size and style. Then, I soaked them in hot water to get off the labels.
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable
  2. While the jars were soaking, I took all of the lids and hit them with an oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint. I used little condiment cups to lift them off the ground so that I could get the edges better.
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable
  3. Once the labels were off the jars, I used a razor blade to scrape off the sticky parts and acetone to finish the job.
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable
  4. Finally, I printed my labels and applied them to the lids. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to do them, so this picture is from around 11:30 at night!
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable
  5. That’s it! I’ve been using the labeled jars for about 3 months now with no issue. I have a few spare jars and keep the template round to add new spices as needed. So far I added one for Chili and Fajita seasoning.
    Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable

The drawer right next to the stove is the perfect height for the squat little jars, and we used a drawer divider to section them into their space.  I love looking at the collection all together, and putting spice away is no longer an issue. Plus they are handy by the stove while we are creating out culinary delights. =D

Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable Baby Food Spice Jars + Free Label Template | | #diy #spicejar #organize #printable

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4 thoughts on “Baby Food DIY Spice Jars

    1. Thanks Danielle!

      Its been months now and we are STILL loving it. Although we were thinking of making different colored labels for the salt and seasoned salt and pepper – just because that would make them easier to spot without reading. =D

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