Baby Shower Gifts – [Free Printable]

Baby gifts from Onsies and Washcloths Parfaits- Cupcakes-CandiesJust yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of joining the ladies of my family at a Baby shower for my cousin Dan and his wife Becky. They are having a little girl whom they plan to name Natalie Marie. I was SO EXCITED to go shopping for girl baby shower gifts! There have been a string of babies in the family, mostly boys and a couple who chose not to know the sex. I’d seen the beautiful ways of folding onesies into cupcakes, and even one that folded onesies into ice cream and so I started there. I set out and bought a slew of girlie things, a bunch of baby washcloths and 5 onesies. Then I bought ice cream goblets and a bunch of ribbon, hair ties (to hold the onesies all folded), tissue paper and a basket to put them all in. Later that night, hubby and I were in a different store and he spotted an ADORABLE lamb blanket. He insisted we needed that too (he’s such a softy) and so we did!

However, when I sat down to make the ice cream goblets I discovered that the ice cream cups I bought from the dollar store were too small. I fought and fought with them but they just didn’t fit the clothes no matter how tightly I tried to wrap them. So I moved on to plan B and later to plan C.

In the end, I made two baby clothes parfaits with a baby washcloth “whipped” cream, two baby clothes cupcakes and 3 baby clothes candies. The whole time I was making them I kept thinking of little sayings to go along, so I designed and printed tags to go on each item of the basket- and now I’m sharing it all with you!

What you will need:

  • 4 onesies for cupcakes | 2 onesies for parfaits
  • 2 washcloths for cupcakes | 2 washcloths for parfaits | 10 washcloths for candies
  • Paper and ribbon for the tags
  • 2 parfait glasses
  • 2 cupcake wrappers
  • Hair ties or rubber bands
  • pins
  • Printable baby shower gifts tags [ PDF Version | JPEG Version ]

How To Make Them:

  1. The Parfait part of this project couldn’t be easier. I reccomend it highly to anyone who has attempted cupcakes and gave up (like me). Simply layer a crumpled onsie in the parfait glass with a couple washcloths of contrasting color. Then, twist a white washcloth and pin it into a pile to look like whipped cream. Voila! Done.
  2. The cupcakes were very difficult to me. Somehow my spiraling never looked like frosting. I followed this tutorial at Docterine and Diapers. I used multiple onesies and washcloths to try and differentiate between what would be the “frosting” and what would be the “cake”. Once the cupcake is done, secure it with a coordinating hair tie and wrap it in a cupcake wrapper.
    Easy to make Baby Shower gifts and free printable!
  3. The candies were an invention of neccessity when I ended up with so many left over washcloths. Simply wad a couple of washcloths into the center of another, roll up and secure on each end with a hair tie- like a tootsie roll. Tada! Possibly the easiest of all DIY Baby shower gifts.
    Easy to make Baby Shower gifts From washcloths & free printable
  4. Once all of your elements are in place, print the tags [ PDF Version | JPEG Version ] and cut them out. Secure them with ribbon or tape to the different elements.
    Baby Shower gift printable
  5. I placed my gifts in a basket, but you could easily do this and then box/ship it to someone far away, or display it on a tray as if it were dessert!


The party was a hoot. It’s always great to get together with my family, especially since I live 2.5 hours away and I don’t get to see them often. The place settings for the shower were all sorts of different tea cups and saucers filled with candies and assorted tea packets. They were wrapped in a tulle ribbon with a beautiful saying attached. Highlighted letters in the saying spelled Natalie Marie. We each got one to take home. HOW SWEET!
Baby shower favor - Teacup and saucer
I think Becky liked her gift- and she will never want for baby washcloths!
I wish the new family all the best and I know that Dan and Becky with be lovely, loving parents. Congratulations and I can’t wait to meet the baby!
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