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Warning: Incoming rant.

I haven’t gone for a run in 6 days. And before that, it was 8. 

There, I said it. Things have been SO CRAZY around here with the launch of my 2014 Printable Planner, prepping for my $300 Amazon Anniversary Giveaway and my ACTUAL JOB that I just haven’t done it. My house is a mess. My kitchen is torn apart while hubby slowly-but-surely installs new cabinets. I’ve been coming home from work at 5, then freelancing until 11 or so. I have no time to myself. So, when I’ve got 40 minutes to spare I end up gobbling down some “treat” to “reward” myself and catching a couple episode of TV on Netflix.  I go to bed and start the cycle again.

Then today, I had a little moment of clarity. Not exercising so I have more “me time” is counter productive.

What I want out of “Me Time”

  • Feel refreshed
  • Feel accomplished, able to stop thinking about to-do lists
  • Feel less tired
  • Clear my mind
  • Be Happy

What I actually feel after vegging in front of the TV with cookies

  • Tummy Ache
  • Guilt for not accomplishing anything
  • Tired
  • Apathetic

What I feel when I Exercise

  • Refreshed
  • Accomplished, Powerful, On Task
  • Mentally Energetic (even if my muscles are tired)
  • Less Stressed
  • Relaxed, Loosened up

That’s it. Spending my “me time” doing things that make me feel WORSE, only because they are less difficult is ridiculous! In a 30 minute run (I’m up to 30 minutes now, yay!) I can simultaneously lift my own spirits, feel productive and on top of things, as well as boost my self esteem and brighten my overall outlook. And, what’s better, is that response isn’t all in my head. (You know the way getting my nails done makes me feel better but that bonus is all in my head) This bonus is REAL. It is making me BETTER.

That’s some Me Time I deserve.



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Kayla Domeyer

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6 thoughts on “Me time

  1. So true! I’ve kinda had that eureka moment this morning too when I woke up and was noodling around on the computer for 20 minutes instead of doing yoga. I just stopped and was like, just go do yoga, Lisa. And I did. And my day has been so much better because of it.

    Also I hope your life gets a little less busy so you have enough time for both “me time” and “better me time” =)
    Lisa @ Je suis alimentageuse recently posted..Spiced Hot Chocolate MixMy Profile

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