Intense Healing Cream [Recipe]

Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped

I must be on a DIY lotion kick. It started with the Clean & Healthy DIY Facial Moisturizer (which I still use BTW, and recently made a new batch of. Its just perfect for my skintype) then there was the Green Tea Repairing Face Cream (Still great for super dry or aging skin- not for my skintype though) and now there is this. I made a super intense moisturizing healing cream to get me through the harsh winter months.

This cream has a lot of the same benefits as the other lotions, but it has an added element. It is thick. I mean, almost chapstick thick. On my lotion texture and feeling scale, this one is at the very end of “heavy.”

Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chaffed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped

What does the texture have to do with it? Well, that texture is largely owed to the amount of 100% pure bees wax in this recipe. What oils to do moisturize, beeswax locks in. It repels water, which helps to keep things like sore noses from a cold coated and protected. Its also means it doesn’t dry out quickly, so slipping some on cracked and dry hands before bed will yield soothing results by morning.

At the risk of TMI, its good for sore nipples. My hubby even used it to keep a burn on his arm from sticking to its bandage. You could even wear it on your dry lips, as everything in it is edible. Smooth, creamy, and all natural!

I’m thinking of putting together a “sickie survival kit” with this cream, some tissues, and lots of sleepytime tea. It is my new go-to comfort lotion.

The process is VERY similar to the Green Tea Repairing Face Cream. So, if you’ve mastered that, you’ve got this covered!

What You Need:

  • .5 oz (by weight!) of pure bees wax. Grate the wax, or you can buy it in pellets. Avoid wax made for candles, as it can be mixed with other things and be scented. 100% pure bee wax is what we’re after here.
  • 1 oz almond oil (I order on Amazon)
  • 1 oz coconut oil – I use this in just about everything. Its always useful to have on hand.
  • 1/4 tsp Rose Hip Seed Oil (I got mine at Amazon– this oil has a lot of regenerative properties. Its the heavy hitter as far as healing goes. Its also the main ingredient in the repairing face cream, so if you buy a bottle you can try both!)
  • Sterilized container to store balm in
  • A chocolate melter or double boiler
  • A heavy cup (a deep one!) and a hand mixer

How To Make It:

  1. Clean and sterilize all of your equipment. If we are going to be putting this cream in areas that might have micro cuts (tiny fissures in dry, cracked skin) we want to make sure that it is bacteria free.
  2. Combine wax and oils in a double boiler or chocolate melter. Allow everything to melt together.
    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped
    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped
    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped

    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped
  3. Once everything is melted and smooth, pour into a deep cup. (I usually use my pyrex measuring cup.)
  4. Whip the mixture with your hand mixer, periodically scraping down the sides, until lotion is room temperature and creamy. It might take quite a while, as the mixture has to cool completely while being blended.If you’re impatient, you can try resting the cup in an ice bath while you whip. However, if any of that water makes it into you mixture, the batch is ruined and you will have to start over. Use with caution!
    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped
  5. Store the cream in an air tight container in a cool and dark place (or in an opaque container). Keep in mind that lotions have a shelf life. Do not use anything that looks or smells wrong. That said, oil only lotions have a very long shelf life.
    Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped

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26 thoughts on “Intense Healing Cream [Recipe]

  1. Thanks so much for this great recipe. I also added some vitamin E. It feels amazing!!!! I put an ice bag under it to cool it off. It was creamy when I put it in my jar, but hardened up later.
    Thanks again, Renate

  2. I would like to try this, but I have no way of weighing the beeswax. Can you tell me about how much it would take in ounces, or measurements? I’ve tried just about every hand lotion, and I like the way your balm sounds, Thanks for posting! Michele

    1. Sorry Michele, there is just no substitute for measuring. Pastilles, grated bricks of wax, etc all have different amounts of air inside and between the pieces. The only way to do this is to weigh it.

    2. Just based on experience, roughly 4 tbsp. pastilles = 1oz of beeswax. So you could try 1 tbsp. pastilles (if that is what you are using). As she said, grated would be slightly different. You can always remelt if you find you don’t have enough, so it is better to start with slightly less and add more if needed. I use 1 ounce for 8 ounces of oil, so with this little bit of oil you may want to start with 2 tsp. pastilles. Before you go through the work of whipping it, dip a clean spoon in the oil and stick it in the freezer to test. See how you like the texture. If needed add more and test again. Since this is just oil and wax it is very forgiving. Should it be too tight/stiff, add more liquid oil, a little at a time. Weighing saves you the trial and error, but it’s not impossible to accomplish. Have fun!
      DavetteB recently posted..Cream of Anything SoupMy Profile

  3. My skin bruises very easily. I am healing from surger on my hand and have major purpura from tight bandages. Funny, how a dermatologist created another problem. Does anyone know a recipe for using on healing these bruises? Marilyn.

    1. I don’t know if you will see this since it is an older comment, but you could add/substitute Arnica infused oil for some of the oil and add Helichrysum essential oil (H. italicum) and Copaiba balsam essential oil to it for bruises, at 2% dilution (18 drops total oils per ounce). Some people use plain arnica oil or gel on bruises with good success. Helichrysum is expensive but some places sell 2ml sample bottles (~40 drops) so you could make a good amount with that.
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  4. Hello!
    I’ve made the green tea batch before with great success. This time around, I needed to make more for little gifts to my friends, so I tripled the batch. Because of this, should I assume that, even though everything was accurately measured for a triple batch (including beeswax by weight), that it’ll take longer to whip up? Or was tripling the batch a mistake?

    1. With so much heated liquid to cool while whipping, it likely would take significantly longer in a tripled batch. But thankfully, you can’t over whip it.

  5. I need to shop for containers for this, can you tell me approximately how much a batch makes? Many thanks! I have a friend who has severely cracked hands and wanted to make this for her.

  6. Love this recipe so far! my hand cream is cooling now! I did sub the almond oil for sunflower seed oil so we will see how that works out. and also after the warming process I added one capsule of vitamin E oil to the mix. A few drops of tangerine essential oil. i didn’t want to add to much in fear of thinning it out. So far it wasn’t enough tangerine you cant smell it because the bees wax really doesn’t smell that great haha. This mixture does have a waxy feel to is… (obviously) but I think this will work great for over night use with moisture gloves. Trying to find something that works well for me and my coworkers, we are a bunch of hair dressers and as you can imagine our hands being in so much water how chapped they get! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

    1. Jessica, I am so glad you love it!! I really don’t mind the smell of the wax, but I HAVE noticed that it over powers. I’m sure you can add quite a bit of an essential oil before thinning it at all. It definitely has a heavy feel. I like to put it on my feet and then sleep in socks. Its awesome!! Let me know how your co-workers like it!

      1. My co-workers LOVE it! I my hands were 100% better after one over night use. I am making some now for them. One brought in a mason jar for me to fill, (shes paying for it of course) but this is defiantly a hair dressers dream come true. Thanks again for sharing!!

  7. Hi there,
    I tried this recipe and was whipping it for a solid half hour or more. It’s not separated at all, but it is not near as thick as the picture you’ve posted. Any suggestions as to why this might be?
    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Tamara,

      Did you whip until your mixture was completely cool? Also, were you sure to use the right amount of beeswax? Those are the teo things I can think of. But, even if yours isn’t monster thick like mine, I’m sure it will still be great for your skin!

  8. You mentioned nipples, and both my sister and sister-in-law are currently nursing, do you know if the Rose Hip seed oil is safe for consumption? In tiny quantities/people? (I’m considering making it a christmas gift for them, I’m sure I could use vanilla extract or something else to scent it, if the Rose Hip seed oil isn’t safe, I just need to know.)

    1. Hey Staci,

      The Rose Hip Seed Oil isn’t for scent. It is to promote healing. I haven’t found any documentation saying its NOT safe for babies in small quantities, but I would poke around the internet a bit before using it.

    2. I would suggest for anyone who is pregnant or lactating – never use more than 1% of any essential oil with any carrier oil. It can be harmful. 1% is safe. I have a background in essential oils.

  9. Is this lotion greasy when you put it on? I’m after a cream to use on my hands but it needs to absorb quickly and be non-greasy.


    1. Nova,

      Good question! Its not so much greasy as it is waxy. Your hands will feel a bit tacky after. The difficult with intense moisture deficiency is that you can’t just moisturize, you need to create a barrier to keep the moisture in. In this recipe, the wax does that. In other recipes it might be a heavy oil (leading to that greasy feeling).

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