Almost Instant Pillow Makeover

Almost Instant Pillow Makover at - Take these cheap Ikea pillows and make them amazing!!

I love Ikea. There, I said it – and its true! The prices are great, and I see potential in everything I buy there. I mean, check out my DIY Ikea Lamp Makeover and the Cheap & Easy Expedite Doors post.

The problem is, its all *potential*. Ikea is usually really modern (especially the well priced stuff) and that’s just not my style anymore. I like the juxtaposition of modern with traditional, modern things with a traditional twist or vice versa. So, while these orange pillows I bought for the living room were perfectly priced at $4, I knew they needed something to take the modern edge off. So, I did a pillow makeover!

Almost Instant Pillow Makover at

I’ve seen some great posts around using bleach pens on t-shirts. I don’t have a bleach pen, but I figured Q-tips and gel bleach would work just the same to stencil on a pillow. I was right! Then, when I spotted this AWESOME leaf pattern stencil, I knew I had to find a bleachy way to work that magic on the other pillow. I LOVE how they turned out, and they were SO easy. I have half a mind to go buy a bunch more, so I can do more pillow makeovers!

What You Need:

  • Bleach
  • Q-tips or bleach pen
  • $1 spray bottle
  • stencil / cardstock to trace
  • masking tape/ paper to mask off with.

How To Make It:

  1. Start with a clean, washed pillow.
  2. For the geometric pattern, fold some cardstock in 4ths and then cut in a design. Unfold and voila! A pretty shape to trace.
    Almost Instant Pillow Makover at
  3. Trace the stencil with a q-tip dipped in bleach. You only need enough to slightly wet the fabric. If you glob it on, you’ll get bumpy lines. Move the cardstock around until you get a full pattern.
    Almost Instant Pillow Makover at
  4. For the floral/random pattern, plop your stencil down on the pillow and mask off around it.
    Almost Instant Pillow Makover at
  5. Fill a spray bottle with bleach and lightly mist in the stencil area. Again, you want to slightly wet the fabric, not soak it.
  6. Move the stencil around the pillow and spritz. The design should show up after a few minutes.
  7. Wash and dry the pillows again. Done!!

I can’t believe how easy this was. I did them both in less than 20 min. The traced design took the longest, and if I did it again I might invest in a bleach pen. But I love the way the floral pillow makeover turned out, its not quite a repeated pattern, and its organic in its line thickness. Its the perfect compliment to take off the modern edge.

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