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Its that time again everyone! I’ve been out of town all weekend, so I’m really not feeling the whole “work” vibe for Monday. I’d rather get some relaxation in that I missed the last couple of days. But- I did get to see my little sister for her (gasp!) 13th BIRTHDAY! Yeah, She’s officially a teenager! Also, my Grandpa turned 76 this week, so of course a little family hob knobbing was in order. I did manage to get a post up sharing the oh-so-adorable Cupid Dice. Have a look!

How about you!? What have you been up to?

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Sweet Sharing Monday Most Clicked:


Dollar Bill Heart by Crafty Journal
Sometimes, you just want to give money. This isn’t usually my first route, but for small birthdays, or Tooth Fairy visits, Graduation parties- money is expected and totally OK. But what’s even cooler than money? Pretty, heart shaped money. Its what they want- but you get to show them you thought about it enough to make it pretty!


And my Personal Favorite:

Portabella Pizza by Not just a Mom
These past few weeks of house buying stress, plus the Michigan Mid-Winter blahs, and other various drama have left me feeling yucky. I’ve eaten poorly, and totally neglected to do ANY form of exercise. So, thinking ahead to the next few weeks, I’m pinning this! Hubby and I LOVE pizza. We make home made pizza about 3 times a week. And while its not processed, it is heavy. This seems like a light alternative- I can’t wait to try!



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Enough! Let’s do some Sweet Sharing!

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