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Valentine’s day is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Today I’ve got a super easy and cute party game that is sure to entertain little girls for hours. Do you remember on the school bus or playground, spending hours playing games to find out who we would marry? From cootie catchers to M.A.S.H to wax in a bucket, these games have fascinated for hundreds of years.

So, why not get in on the action?

The cupid die (the singular of Dice is Die. But, I didn’t want to name the post “Cupid Die” so, we’ll pretend its plural.) works sort of like an 8 ball. Ask it a question an it will give you an answer! Anything from “does he love me?” to “should I have ice cream for dinner?” you ask, the die will answer! Printing and assembling this sort of cube is the basis for a lot of my printables, and comes together pretty quickly.

Note that positive is spelled wrong here. Well, that happens. It has been fixed in the download. =D

What You Need:

  1. How to make it:
  2. Download the template.
  3. Print the template on heavy card stock.
  4. Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out the template.
  5. Use a butterknife, a paperclip, or some other dull but precise instrument so score along the lines of the template. I use a paperclip and a ruler. You’re doing this to crush the paper fibers where you will be folding, making an easier and more precise fold.
  6. Fold the template as pictured, and glue or tape the corners together. I like to use double sided tape.
  7. Tuck the top and bottom flaps in, and tape or glue to secure.

That’s it! You’ve got your own super cute Cupid Die. I’ve been tossing mine around all day, and it has held up really well.

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