20 delightful gifts that even a toddler can make

Are there any better gifts to receive for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day than a handmade gift from your toddler?  Seriously, some of them are just the cutest!  The next time that your toddler wants to make some crafts, encourage it! Yeah, it might make you “one of those moms“, but gifts toddlers can make are some of the best, most unique and heartfelt gifts out there.  Not only do you love receiving them as their parents, but think of all the other family members out there that would love to have some of their homemade crafts as well. These would be great for Mother’s day or Father’s Day!

The beautiful part of giving toddler homemade crafts is that they are not only simple to make, but they encourage your child to explore their creativity as well.  If you have some birthdays, holidays or special days coming up, why not gift the gift of a homemade kids craft and check out some of the options included.  Each and every one is unique, beautiful and sure to show the receiver that they were handmade with love.

20 amazing gifts for toddlers to make! These hand crafted activities make great Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas gifts for loved ones | saynotsweetanne.com

There’s just one thing. Before you jump into this incredible list of gifts that toddlers can make – step back. Make sure that you are making this a fun and joyful exercise with your kiddo. After all, the best part about the hand made gift is the love that went into it!

Gifts that Toddlers Can Make:

  1. Flying Superhero Dad’s Gift by Kids Craft Room
    Flying Superhero Dad's Gift by Kids Craft Room
  2. Scribble Mug Kids Craft by IHeartArtsNCrafts
  3. DIY Coaster by ItsAlwaysAutum
  4. DIYToddler Art Dishware by Small+Friendly
  5. Sharpie Coasters by PagingFunMums
  6. Baby Art Pendants by SayNotSweetAnne
    Easy DIY Baby Art Pendants. A great craft gift idea for grandmas, moms, teachers and more! Tutorial included. | saynotsweetanne.com
  7. Tape Resist Canvas by Crafty Morning
  8. Plastic Bead Bowls by Meaningful Mama
  9. DIY Puzzle by KidsActivitiesBlog
    DIY Puzzle by Kids Activities Blog
  10. Handprint Ornament by Crafty Morning
  11. Heart Craft by NoTimeForFlashCards
  12. Handprint Dish by SayNotSweetAnne
    Beautiful Handprint Dish. Very easy tutorial, using a simple salt dough. Great Mother's Day or Christmas gift for Mom! | saynotsweetanne.com
  13. Handprint Ceramics by Felt Magnet
  14. Fingerprint Pendants by AGirlAndAGlueGun
  15. Heart Jar by Patch
  16. Candle Holder Craft by WhereImaginationGrows
    DIY-Candle-Holders by where imaginations grows
  17. Kid Made Bookmark by AllDoneMonkey
  18. Kindness Rocks by HelloWonderful
  19. Fridge Magnet by HappyHooligans
  20. Button Wreath by DometicMommyhood
  21. Personalized Piggy Bank by A MomsTake
    Personalized Piggy Bank by A Moms Take
  22. Handprint Craft by MidgetMomma
  23. Toddler Scribble Mug by Creative Fashion Blog
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