2 Pick Tuesday!

Alright alright I know. My blog crapped out on me last week so I did no Fave 5. This week I also did no Fave 5. You all must be thinking that I’m seriously slacking off over here! Well while you might be right I have a reason why there was no Fave 5 this week. Its been replaced!

Basically, Fave 5 was coming at a bad time for me. Being on a Friday right after the Thursday Sweet Sharing Monday wrap up and right before the Sunday post made me dizzy. I had envisioned that Fave 5 would be a homage to all of the wonderful blogs out there that make me so happy and inspire me so deeply. But in the middle of that busy schedule, posting 5 finds was just really taxing me.

So, I’ve changed it to 2 Pick Tue! Only two picks, and now on Tuesday. Hopefully this will make those that I feature feel even more special, and help me to really focus on showing the admiration I feel for every one of them. =D

2 Pick Tuesday


#1 Glass Marble Table- by Rhonda at Dollar Store Crafts

Glass beads table
These little glass beads from The Dollar Tree are dear to my heart. Days before my wedding I was panicking about our floral arrangements falling over so my mom and I raided our local dollar tree and came up with these. I think I still have a couple bags of them in a box somewhere. So its no surprise that I love the heck out of this tiled table! I do’t have any furniture around that would suit this- but I’m thinking of doing it to the bottom of a wooden tray. How cute!


#2 No Bake Coconut Cookies – by Desiree at The 36th Avenue


No bake Coconut cookiesHaving just baked a couple dozen sugar cookies for a friend’s bridal shower last week, these no-bakes certainly stand out to me. Having the oven on all evening while its 80+degrees outside really takes a toll! Next time, I’ll have to remember that there is an oven-less option. These coconut cookies look to be a step-up from traditional no-bakes, and would definitely be pretty enough to take to a gathering. (Especially if I can make them look as good as Desiree!)


So, I hope you like 2 Pick Tuesday?  Oh! And grab a button to show off!

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