Relax – You’re worth it. {Wanna Be Wednesday}

Me, relaxing.

Boy howdy. Its difficult to follow the amazing guest post from last week’s Who I want to Be Wednesday, but I guess I’ll try.

A couple weeks ago in this segment I highlighted how I manage my stress. I talked about trying to leave my trouble’s in other’s hands and not worry so much.

Its all very good advice. So, last week while I was out of the house my husband did a lot of cleaning. I came home and was verys urprised. Here, a large item on my to-do list has been lifted from my shoulders and that was wonderful!… right?

But I didn’t feel like it was wonderful. I felt awful. I felt terribly guilty for having shirked my responsibility and for his intervening on my behalf. Because of this guilt I was still stressed, still overwhelmed and I wasn’t nearly as greatful and appreciative as I should have been for my husband’s help.

I added this guilt to the long list of things that were bothering me. (I literally wrote a list, so I could remember to share it with my psycologist.) Armed with this list of all of the things I was failing at, I sat down in the cozy office and spilled my guts. I listed failing after failing. I told him how awful I felt that I wasn’t keeping up with my own demands. I told him that I’d shirked my duties. I told him that my husband even had to clean!

Casually, he interjected, “Yeah, but you’re worth it.”

I was stunned. I had literally, never thought of it that way. I’m so busy thinking of all the things I do for the people around me because they are worth it, I never considered they would think the same about me.

Sure enough, when I spoke to my husband about his help, he agreed that he didn’t think it was a big deal. He knew that I was busy and he wanted to help me because I’m worth it. 

So moms out there- take that to heart. Your families and friends are worth ever but of effort, love and time you devote to them. But it works both ways. Relax! You’re worth it!

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Kayla Domeyer

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