Cozy Guest Bedroom Decor Reveal!

Wow. I can’t believe it took me almost 4 months to have a room in Our New House completed for a reveal. I really didn’t think it was going to take so long. I think the main issue is I’m simultaneously working on pretty much every room in the house. Maybe I should focus in on one or two…

Anyhoo, the guest bedroom decor is done!

Hubby and I like a mix of modern and traditional styles. An antique wingback chair covered in a chic geometric pattern for example. Or, a mid Century modern coffee table refurbed with aged wood from an old deck. But, when we were deciding the guest bedroom decor, we knew we wanted to focus on elements that would make the people staying there comfortable. Sometimes a modern style can look too perfect, too finished. For a guest, it feels like you don’t belong. Like your things are cluttering up the place.

So, we decided to focus in on old, homey vignettes. We made sure to include some extra special items too. More about those below.

Cozy Cottage Guest Room Decor | | #home #cozy #comfort #rustic

1. For years I have been collecting tin music makers. These often have an element of movement (a butterfly spins around some plants, a Ferris wheel turns, an old jalopy bumps up and down) and I cannot help but love them. We usually pick them up in thrift stores and shine them up a bit. I’ve never really had a home for our collection, but they fit right in here. Guests can check them out, play their songs, and it makes for an interesting conversation piece.

2. For our wedding my husband’s grandmother gifted us a beautiful stand mirror with our names and wedding date engraved. We love it, but have had a hard time finding a space for it. Its style is very traditional, and it has a rather large footprint. The guest room is the perfect place to showcase this lovely gift to everyone who visits our home.

3. My mother has a thing for lilacs. Knowing she would likely be one of the most frequent guests in this room, I made some DIY Botanical Prints. They match the tenor of this room, and add a touch of color to the pale green walls.

4. I’ve been hoarding this scroll lamp for years, waiting for a room like this. I love that it picks up the pattern from the rug. Also pictured are some antique books I’ve collected. They are Grimm Fairytales and some short detective tales, along with Robinson Crusoe and and antique diary hand written in 1930. A lot of people like to read before bed, but no one wants to start a novel they won’t have time to finish. These books were chosen not only for their aesthetic, but because they are interesting enough to read, and short enough to finish.

5. This chest is on from my husband’s childhood. Some months ago we stripped it and used a Weathered Wood stain to give it this patina (also used on the shelves in #1). It now holds extra blankets, sheets and pillows.

6. The final piece to the puzzle, one that I scoured for over a long period of time. Finally I broke down and painted a rug so that it would match the room. I love how it turned out!

Cozy Cottage Guest Room Decor | | #home #cozy #comfort #rusticThere are two dressers in the guest room. One used as a bedside table, and this one near the mirror. We don’t anticipate many extended-stay guests, but there is something so comforting about putting your clothes in a drawer instead of a suitcase.

Cozy Cottage Guest Room Decor | | #home #cozy #comfort #rusticThese flowers are from my father’s funeral. Their color pallet is a little too dim for most of our rooms, but I wanted them to have a place of honor. The top of this dresser is perfect, and I’ve recently added a jewelry chest to keep other keepsakes that don’t belong in other rooms.

Cozy Cottage Guest Room Decor | | #home #cozy #comfort #rusticA few years ago for Christmas my sister worked tirelessly on this beautiful pillow. She handstitched my name in gold thread. Since the guest room is the least disturbed by the cats (as it’s usually kept closed) Her pillow takes center stage on our double guest bed.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Here is how the room looked when we moved in:

From pink and girlie to Cozy Cottage Guestroom! Check out the transformation! | | #cozy #makeover #guest #cottage #comfort

From pink and girlie to Cozy Cottage Guestroom! Check out the transformation! | | #cozy #makeover #guest #cottage #comfort


I adore this room, and I hope that everyone who stays in it does too. It is warm and inviting, peppered with special momentos, but rustic enough that guests feel like they can “live” in the space. I’m happy to have a room finished! You can keep up with the rest of our new house projects here!



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