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As of yesterday, it has been 8 weeks since I began focusing on my fitness. Looking back, I remember running with my cousin Emma on my first ever 3 minute run. I was panting, exhausted, wanted to stop, with stitches in my side and my heart beat like it was going to explode. Last night, I ran 28 minutes  no problem. That feels like a major breakthrough.

On the scale, however, things  have been pretty stationary. I’ve dropped maybe 2 pounds in the past 8 weeks. But, I keep reminding myself I wasn’t in it to lose weight, but to be healthier. That helps ease the sting of still being unable to squeeze into some of my older dress slacks.

I’m taking this journey the same way I take my blogging. Some days I take my website statistics and I look at the WHOLE of the last two years. The entire life of my blog. From there, I look at its success in the form of a little line on a graph. The line jumps, dips, slumps and recovers. But overall, the trend is upward.

For me, this fitness journey is like that. I may fail, get lazy, skip a day, get sick, etc. I might beat my record time, or celebrate a victory on the scale. Those things are neat, but overall what I want is progress. I want my imaginary graph of fitness success to trend upward.


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3 thoughts on “Personal Progress

  1. I love your blog! As an amateur crafter I’m always looking for great ideas. I noticed you are on a health journey, as I am as well. I just wanted to share something that has helped me tremendously. Visit my site and let me know what you think:)
    Happy Crafting!

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