10 Sweet Dates for Sweetest Day

Looking for Date Ideas for sweetest day? Try these 10 Sweet Dates! | Saynotsweetanne.com

When’s the last time you and your sweetie went on a date? Life gets in the way, and often, even if we do make time for regular dates, they can become mundane! Celebrate Sweetest Day on October 15th with one of these unique ideas, many of which will make you feel like kids again! Make it special, but also different from Valentine’s Day by incorporating sweet treats.

  1. Ice cream
    The last time a date took you to get ice cream, you were probably a teen. Go check out a mom and pop ice cream shop. Go really retro with a root beer float (and two straws, of course)!
  2. Smoothies
    Take the healthy road by grabbing a smoothie with your beau. Better yet, take them to go and hike a nature trail while you sip.
  3. Bringing sweets to children and the elderly
    Did you know Sweetest Day actually began when a candy company employee started bringing treats to local shut-ins and orphans back in 1922? Make or purchase goodies with your honey and deliver them to your local nursing home or Boys
    and Girls Club. Call ahead to find out the rules for doing something like this. Go as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Volunteering together brings couples closer, even if it doesn’t seem to be the most romantic activity at face value.Looking for Date Ideas for sweetest day? Try these 10 Sweet Dates! | Saynotsweetanne.com
  4. Just dessert
    How many times have you opened a menu at a restaurant and drooled over the decadent desserts, only to pass them up at the end of the night because you’re too full? Go on a date strictly for the dessert! Get a couple different options and share!
  5. Fall festival
    With autumn in full swing, festivals abound! And with each one there’s donuts, cider, syrup, and apples, to name just a few fall-themed desserts! Go on a hay ride and enjoy some seasonal favorites. Discuss your favorite fall flavors. Do you prefer maple or cinnamon? How about Pumpkin Spice? The conversation is sure to be great and the weather just might be cool enough to cuddle!
  6. Carnival/fair food
    As with fall festivals, ‘tis the season for county fairs! Order a funnel cake and let your date win you a goldfish!Looking for Date Ideas for sweetest day? Try these 10 Sweet Dates! | Saynotsweetanne.com
  7. Coffee and Music
    A sweet after dinner coffee drink can be just the right way to wind down and spend some “sweet” time together. Bonus if you can find a coffee shop with live music. Enjoy the treat, the music, and each other’s company.
  8. Dessert wine tasting
    Not into sugary treats? Keep your outing classy by attending or hosting a dessert wine tasting! All wine is not created equal. Purchase a few Moscatos and Rieslings and have at it! Cheers!Looking for Date Ideas for sweetest day? Try these 10 Sweet Dates! | Saynotsweetanne.com
  9. Tour a candy factory
    Google “candy factories near me” and see what comes up. It may mean a road trip or weekend getaway, but it will definitely be a fun experience. There are always tastings included! Remember how you felt watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a kid? Steer clear of the Everlasting Gobstoppers and you’ll be just fine!
  10. Sexy night in
    Skip the innocent stuff altogether and stay home! Stock up on flavored products for the bedroom and treat your loved one to a spicy Sweetest Day!
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