Loneta Valley’s Pickle Salad [Recipe]

Every family has their traditions. Growing up, every family gathering I attended had Pickle Salad. It is a creamy white salad made of cucumbers, with a fresh salty-sweet-pepper bite. It’s delicious and I always looked forward to it. Until I started attending my husband’s family functions, I thought everyone made Pickle Salad. Turns out thatRead more

DIY Custom Cupcake Flags with Template [Free Printable]

Do you remember my BFF Amy? The star of such posts as Custom Pyrex and Dishtowels, DIY Cookie Cutter, Wedding Countdown Printable, and Spray Painted Cookies? Well, she’s my BFF. I love her. And She’s moving to South Korea. I’ve known for months, and I’m super excited for her (She’s going with her hubby to teachRead more