DIY Mineral Pressed Blush

Alright, I know. I’ve been going maybe a little overboard with all my makeup/DIY beauty products lately. I mean, it started with DIY Moisturizer, DIY Mineral Makeup, and then Eyeshadow, and then Nail Polish. But here’s the thing: after I bought the supplies for the Makeup, the rest was just gravy. I mean, I don’t have to buy anything new, jut combine them in different ways how can I say no to that?

Easy DIY Mineral Blush - create your perfect shade and save money! | | #mineral #makeup #diy #blush #beauty

So, I’ve done it again with this DIY Blush. Just like the foundation and eyeshadow, this is 100% non-organic mineral based, has no perfumes or additives, and comes together in just a few minutes. I love this color for summer and I’ve been using it non-stop. (Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I use it once a day when I put on my makeup. But still.)

What You Need:

  • Mineral Makeup Base from Making Cosmetics Inc
  • Pigments from Making Cosmetics Inc. There are a couple shades of red, some brown etc. You’ll probably want to mix a few colors (I bought on Amazon, but you can also use – they have sample sizes.)
  • Mica powder from Making Cosmetics Inc. (If desired, for shimmery blush)
  • 70% Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean, Sterile compact or loose powder pot. (I bought a $1 powder and removed the makeup, sterilized with boiling water and wiped with alcohol.)
  • Mortar and Pestle (This is important for color mixing!)
  • Accurate measuring spoons (as small as 1/8 tsp)

How To Make It:

  1. The ratio of Mineral Base to color is going to depend on how intense you want the blush to be. For something sheer, start with 4 parts base and 1 part color. For something more intense you might go all the way to 2 parts base 3 parts color. I did mine in 1/2 tsp sizes. That ended up with enough powder for my compact and a little extra that I keep in a sealed container.
    DIY All Mineral Makeup! Using high quality minerals, no fillers, no food products and no perfumes,. Make your perfect shade, and then make more when you run out!  | | #diy #makeup #minerals #beauty
  2. To start, add 2 tsp of base and 1/2 tbsp pigment (if combining colors, make sure to note how much of each you are using. If you want, you may add mica at this step to give a shimmer to the finished blush) to your mixture and use the mortar and pestle to blend and until the color looks even.  The better you mix it, the more even the color will be.
    Easy DIY Mineral Blush - create your perfect shade and save money! | | #mineral #makeup #diy #blush #beauty
    Easy DIY Mineral Blush - create your perfect shade and save money! | | #mineral #makeup #diy #blush #beauty
  3. Test the color on your cheekbones. Be sure to go outside and look in the sunlight. Sometimes indoor lights change the color.
  4. Once you’ve got your powder mixed, you can put it in a loose powder pot or keep going and make it into a pressed powder. To make it a pressed powder, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the mix. Do this until the powder cakes together, but is not wet.
  5. Put your moist powder into your compact, you might have extra. Save that for next time. Use a flat utensil (I used a scrap of laminate counter top hubby cut down) to press the powder into the compact. Clean up the access with a moist brush and let the powder dry.
    Easy DIY Mineral Blush - create your perfect shade and save money! | | #mineral #makeup #diy #blush #beauty
    Easy DIY Mineral Blush - create your perfect shade and save money! | | #mineral #makeup #diy #blush #beauty
  6. Done! Now, like all compacts, this caked powder might crack or beak if it is dropped or jarred. That’s okay. You can add more alcohol and re-press it!


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5 thoughts on “DIY Mineral Pressed Blush

  1. Wow…you just made this all sound so easy! I am going to send your blog information to one of my daughters and let her tell me what she thinks. She is the one who is really into the all natural and my go to advisor on these issues! But, you have me convinced. Thank you for sharing.

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