Beginners Easy And Delectable Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge


Easy and Almost Instant Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge! This recipe requires no candy thermometer, no boiling sugar, and has a rich creamy cheesecake flavor. |

Its no secret, I’m a cheesecake fanatic. Just check out my Cheesecake Ice Cream &  Healthy Cheesecake dip! So it’s no surprise that I’ve added a little cheesecake to my fudge recipe. Introducing Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge! Oh and did I mention its easy? How about that it’s pretty? Or should I just focus on the fact that its DELICIOUS!? I brought a plate of 3 fudges to a family gathering, and this one was gone before any of the others. These little bites of Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge are so perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat, or a bachelorette party – even a baby shower!

Easy and Almost Instant Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge! This recipe requires no candy thermometer, no boiling sugar, and has a rich creamy cheesecake flavor. |


  • Approx 3 cups white chocolate
  • 1 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tbs butter
  • 1 1/2 cups mallo cream (marshmallow fluff – for those who can’t get this locally try Amazon.)
  • 1 box (3.4 oz) Jell-O cheesecake pie filling mix
  • 3 tbs Jell-O Strawberry Gelatin
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream


  1. Prep a 9×9 or a 9×13 inch dish with wax paper. This will help you remove the block of fudge and cut it nicely.
  2. Mix the chocolate chips & butter with the sweetened condensed milk and melt over medium heat in a saucepan.
  3. Once smooth, add in the cheesecake mix and stir until combined. It’ll look grainy at first, but keep stirring for a minute or two.
  4.  Add in the mallow cream and stir until mixture is smooth and creamy.
  5. Pour 2/3 of the mixture into your pan.
  6. Add 1-3 tbs of the strawberry gelatin mix as well as 1/4 cup warmed heavy cream into the remaining mixture. Stir until even in color.
  7. Pour the remaining mixture into the pan, use a toothpick to swirl the two together.

  8. Refrigerate until set, remove from pan and cut! That’s it!!

    Easy and Almost Instant Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge! This recipe requires no candy thermometer, no boiling sugar, and has a rich creamy cheesecake flavor. | 
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Kayla Domeyer

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38 thoughts on “Beginners Easy And Delectable Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge

    1. Hi Teresa! You don’t need to cook it at all! You only melt the chocolate and condensed milk on the stove until smooth. Hope that helps!

  1. Trying to print out recipe for strawberry cheesecake fudge without advertisement signed in with Facebook couldn’t get anything to come up went back in with google still can’t print it without advertisements tried to set up account it wouldn’t accept my email address as username how can I print recipes without advertisements also how do I setup account

    1. I’m sorry Dale – there is no account for this site. Only those that have made purchases for the planner downloads get usernames to sign in to get their products. As for the advertisements printing – check the print option in your browser and see if you can select “text only”

  2. Kayla,
    You may have answered this question, and I am still not understanding.
    On the cheesecake mix. Do you mix the cheesecake as directed on the package or just use the powder ?

  3. Kayla,
    If I mixed the strawberry gelatin completely with the cheesecake mixture do you think it would still give it a good flavor? I want to dip this in milk chocolate. Like a truffle.

    1. Hello Ann! I’m sorry this didn’t work for you the first try!

      I don’t usually keep heating the 1/3 while adding the strawberry, because I’ve never needed to. However, if you’re having a problem with the strawberry swirl being grainy, I recommend dissolving the 3tbs of strawberry gelatin in about 1/2 cup heated cream or milk before adding it into the 1/3 reserved mixture. That way you can make sure it is nice and dissolved!

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! Can you tell if it is the strawberry swirl or the base cheesecake that is grainy? I would try dissolving the base cheesecake in 1/2 cup of heavy cream before adding it into the chocolate and condensed milk mixture, and see if that helps!

  4. Hi… 7 year daughter loved this recipe. We would love make this as favors for her Communion. I was just wondering if there is a way to make it less sweet, more like fudge. It’s more of a candy fudge to me and my husband. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. 😊

    1. Hey DawnMarie!

      I’m sorry – I’m not sure I understand the whole question. I would classify any fudge as a candy, is it not like that where you are from? I get a lot of my fudge ideas from the vendors at Mackinac Island here in Michigan, they are famous for fudge!! When you say to make it more like fudge, do you mean the texture is off?

      As for making it less sweet… maybe swap out the sweetened condensed milk for regular heavy cream? This should cut down on the sugar content and might give the flavor your looking for.

      If that doesn’t work, maybe just strawberry cheesecake? You know I love cheesecake!

  5. This recipe sounds great! I have some friends; however, who are not fans of white chocolate. Have you ever tried this recipe with regular chocolate? What do you recommend: milk, semi-sweet, or sweet? Thank you!

    1. Hey Gi! I really wouldn’t recommend trying this with regular chocolate. The cheesecake flavor would certainly be lost entirely.

      That said, the white chocolate (which is actually just cocoa butter and vanilla) does not come through in the flavor. It is used more as a solidifying agent in the fudge, to keep us from having to boil sugar. I highly suggest you try it, and just don’t tell anyone there is white chocolate inside. They’ll never know!

  6. When you say: Add 1-3 tbs of the strawberry gelatin mix into the remaining mixture. Stir until even in color.

    Are you talking about just the powder or do you make the gelatin?

  7. Hey I love your recipes and I was wondering, for the strawberry cheesecake fudge recipe can I use cream cheese instead of jello cheesecake pie filling?

    1. Ana,

      I’m glad you like them! I really don’t think so. Cream cheese isn’t safe at room temp, and it adds liquid to the mixture. There are other cheesecake fudge recipes out there that use cream cheese. Maybe see how they do it?

  8. I am asking what kind of mallow cream. Fluff or just reg. marshmallow cream. I have found fluff to be like a taffy consistency so i just wanted to know which one you used for this recipe. Thank you.

    1. I used fluff because that’s what I had on hand. In my understanding, the two are the same, except for the way they are “whipped”. I do notice that there is a texture difference though!

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