• Printable Mario Boxes

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    Easy Printable Mario Boxes - great for decor, gifts or play! | saynotsweetanne.com

    It is no secret that Hubby and I are gamers. In the past I’ve shared Minecraft creeper marshmallows, Printable Minecraft costumes, Zelda themed swaddle blanket and this awesome Zelda themed ceramic mug. Today though, I’m going even more old school. I’m talking the Nintendo Entertainment System, baby! The console itself was released in my husband’s birth year, […]


    Daddy To Be Basket

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    Pampering Daddy To Be Basket - a great gift for the soon-to-be-dad! | Saynotsweetanne.com

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MySignatureMove #CollectiveBias If you haven’t noticed already, my husband is what I’d call a renaissance man. He is good at a wide variety of things, and he is interested in almost everything he comes across. His primary traits […]

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    Easy DIY Domino Necklace

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    Easy Sharpie Domino Necklaces! No expensive alcohol inks. Just a few basic craft supplies can create beautiful pendants! | saynotsweetanne.com

    I am addicted to necklaces. Seriously. I have so many necklaces that you would think I couldn’t possibly wear them all. But I do! I love to make different color combos, different styles and designs for all the seasons. I have the perfect necklace for every outfit. But don’t worry! I’m not breaking the bank. ;D I […]

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    DIY Tinted Glass

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    Pinterest Inspired Faux Tinted Glass | saynotsweetanne.com

    I’m sure you’ve all seen the beautiful images on Pinterest about making DIY tinted glass, or tinted mason jars. The recipe is simple: a little mod podge, a little food coloring and a jar. Sound easy right? Well, I’m not saying its impossible. And now that I’ve had some time to live with the jars […]

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    Hazelnut Mocha Cafe

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    Easy, Decadent, Hazelnut Mocha Cafe for two. Perfect for a morning pick me up! | saynotsweetanne.com

    It took me years to start drinking coffee. I’m not a huge caffeine junky, as I don’t drink soda either, and it just never came up. Then I was introduced to the Burger King Mocha Joe in my college years. It was something like 1/2 coffee, 1/2 vanilla shake mix (liquid) an 3 pumps of […]

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    Printable Budget Envelopes

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    DIY Printable Budget Envelopes | Print, cut and assemble an envelope for every budget! | Saynotsweetanne.com

    Sometimes I just lose track of my spending. I think it is a pretty common thing among people, since there are 100s of ways to combat that sort of “spending blindness.” Many of the best financial advisors suggest budgeting. For some people, like my husband, simply writing down planned amounts is enough. For other people, […]

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    Easy Inkjet to Fabric Transfer

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    Easy DIY Inkjet Fabric Transfer using Label Paper! No more freezer paper getting jammed in the printer, and beautiful results. | saynotsweetanne.com

    There are literally hundreds of tutorials out there for using an ink jet printer to transfer images and text onto fabric. And I swear, I’ve tried them all. Many of them are based on the premise of using freezer/wax paper through the printer so that the ink beads up and then can be transferred to […]

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    Iron On Vinyl Ceramic Mugs

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    Iron On Vinyl Ceramic Mugs at saynotsweetanne.com Easy DIY custom gift

    Finding inspiration has never been a problem. The problem is finding time to do all of the wonderful things that I want to try out. This project is one that has been sitting in the back of my mind for two years at least. I can’t remember where I first saw it, but the concept stuck: […]

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    14 Printable Love Coupons

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    What do you get the person who has everything? That is easy! You! You give them your time, (or maybe a little time off) and your energy. For me at least, those types of gifts mean so much more than chocolate or diamonds. (That is not to say I won’t accept diamonds…HINT). Love Coupons are […]


    Soft Heart Candies + Valentine Printable

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    Easy DIY Soft Candies + Printable Valentine Tags by Saynotsweetanne.com

    I’ve mentioned before that Valentine’s Day at my house get lumped in with our wedding anniversary. For that reason, we don’t typically do anything fancy on the actual February 14th. Instead we avoid crowds and high costs by doing something special closer to the 19th. That doesn’t mean, however, that the official V-Day is allowed […]

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